Sales and Marketing Planning and Implementation
Strategies and plans designed to give business the confidence and attitude to ensure that its customers, existing and potential, know all about its products and services.

Strategic Planning
A strategic plan outlines a set of paths and steps for achieving an organisation’s goals in the future and covers all aspects of the business operation and management.

Business Planning
Business plans are used to develop, define and set objectives on an annual basis. They provide enable business owners and manage to identify and gather information about the business and to evaluate that information.

Database Management
Effective database management is an essential component of successful businesses. Databases enable businesses to target specific client segments with new products and services to suit their needs.

Market Research and Statistical Analysis
Market research is a study of the prospects and performances of a business’s products in the market. Market research and statistical analysis projects can be designed to suit individual business requirements and can include verification of a business’s assumption about market image and demographic content of customers.

Customer Service Training
Improved customer service is the key to getting more customers to your business and keeping them. Research shows it is six times more cost effective to keep existing clients coming back, than it is to get new customers. Jabiru consultants will design a customer service programme to suit your business.

Staff Management
A good personnel policy would include comprehensive coverage of each human resource function, and be consistent with current legislation and public policy. It would involve specific personnel policies such as staff training and development, employment disciplinary procedures, remuneration and performance. We have a standard package that can be fine-tuned to suit your particular business needs.

Business Administration
Administration procedures and systems will ensure that your business day to day activities meet your business and legislative requirements.

Systems Development
Documented and well-structured systems mean that business owners have more time to work "on" their business instead of "in" their business. The benefits of having good systems mean that a business will operate smoothly and profitably without the owner being present and that workflow is more accurate and consistent and there is less stress for everyone.

Business Coach/Mentor
Business Coaches are able to work alongside you on various aspects of your business to help you achieve the results you desire


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